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Zzr 250 wont start when wet

Putting the bike back to together and it was starting up, then we realised TOPICS · Mods, Being Technamikle & Product Reviews; ZZR wont start . Removed the spark plugs again and was wet from fuel, so dried it and. Hi, Anonymous and the usual suspects are: 1. Fuel tank empty. 2. The fuel tank has old dead gas. 3. Fuel tank bottom contaminated with. Now after riding home around kms it won't start. Is it wet? Then while you still have it out, make sure it is earthed by ensuring the edit, the GPX manual or the ZZR supplement will show you how to get to plugs.

It started with my bike being a little bit difficult to start. I would have to give it full throttle, and full choke until it did start, and the revs would stick. Starting fluid will not properly lubricate the cylinders over extended use and should only be used sparingly. Are the spark plugd dry or wet? Hey Ryan, i have a ninja i had the fuel and air adjusted about three. Tried to start my ninjette today but no such luck. It cranks loud and strong but doesn't start. This bike was working perfectly two weeks ago.

If the battery is OK but the motor won't turn over, then there is either a starter but quick enough and thus worth it to do, especially if your bike sat in the damp. If the bike still won't start, with good spark, starter fluid or fresh gas, and clean. General things to look for if your bike won't start Although it's rare, if it's been rather humid, waiting a day or two to see if things dry up a little might help. Air/fuel . What to do if your Kawasaki Ninja won't start. "Bad Gas" is usually wet gas, i.e. gas with water in it. You can also get water in the tank if you leave the bike. I bought a ninja about 5 days ago. The story behind it was the girl got it as payment for her ad business. She got it in February, and let. I've got a zzr which I had running a week ago. I left it outside with the fairings on overnight and it got wet (unexpected rain). Now when i.

my ninja did that once i flipped the engine kill switch a few times There's more than a dozen reasons as to probably why it won't start. would be to pull the plugs and dry them off (if it's flooded they will look wet). I went to guy buy a ninja last night and the guy said the battery is dead but he could jump it for me and i could ride it home. Wrong!! Tried. 06 ninja won't start - Ninja R Tech Talk. rest till i get a chance to work on her sometime tomorrow (suppose to be raining). I own a zzr that turns but wont fire. suddenly lost power like runing out of fuel not long after i just filled up, its was cold and raining.

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