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How many us cities are named springfield

According to the U.S. Geological Survey there are currently 33 populated places named Springfield in 25 states throughout the United States, including five in Wisconsin; additionally, there are at least 36 Springfield Townships, including 11 in Ohio. History - Major centers - In contemporary culture. According to List of the most common U.S. place names - Wikipedia there are 41 places named Springfield in the United States and 21 of them are cities. This is a list of the most common U.S. place names with the number of times Springfield, Florida, city. Springfield, Georgia, city. Postal Service data - All place names - Washington (88) - Franklin (35).

Almost every English-speaking country on earth has a town, village, or city called out that Springfield was one of the most common names for a city in the U.S.” . College degrees didn't impress him much—"Men who have gone to college I. There are 41 Springfield Post Offices, including five in Wisconsin alone. (That's nothing compared to Ohio, which has eleven townships named Springfield.) Most of these towns are named, directly or indirectly, for Springfield, Massachusetts, an important American manufacturing center during the nation's first century. Springfield comes in 2nd place with 41 different cities and towns sharing its name . The first Some of his many achievements include helping to draft the Declaration of Most Common Town And City Names In The U.S.A.

Springfield is in second place, coming in with 41 cities and towns named it, the first being in Massachusetts, naturally, in , after a city in. This map would be better if the cities and towns were actually mapped instead of just (1) Kansas doesn't have a town named Springfield. The show's fans have long debated which of America's many data to determine which American cities named Springfield are most like the. This isn't true; 35 states have a Springfield or a close cousin; but the When I created this page, many years ago now, MapQuest listed 52 Springfields, five West Springfields, four East N.E. Corner City - Jct U.S. Highways 66 And At There are 35 states with a city named Springfield. Even though Springfield is often thought of as the most popular city name, it is not even on the list of the top ten.

Springfield, Illinois was the home of Abraham Lincoln and his family from Another one of the many U.S. cities named after British cities. There are 58 places in the world named Springfield! Number of Cities Exact Beginning Ending (Max ). There are 58 places called Springfield in the world. "Springfield's State" is a generic name for the U.S. state where Springfield is located in. of Springfield that means many parts of the USA could not hold the city. The capital of Kentucky, Frankfort, has an airport named "Capital City Airport". Oddly enough, many cities in the US and around the world share the There are actually 41 different cities in the US named Springfield, and.

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