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What does vino mean kobe bryant

It all started last Thursday, when a nameless friend came up with the nickname after the Lakers beat the Timberwolves: @kobebryant. The origin of the nickname is pretty simple, he explained: He's getting better with age, like wine, and "vino" means wine. For Kobe Bryant, apparently "Black Mamba" just wasn't good enough. it ( though obvious) is that "vino" means wine, and Bryant, like wine, only gets better with age. Referring to him has "Vino" just doesn't do any of that. Kobe Bryant's new nickname is 'Vino,' according to Kobe Bryant. By So that means he gets better with age #duh #ImDumb lmao” U got it ;) Male gorillas mature at the age of 11 and female gorillas do so around age 8.

That means. 8th Wonder of the World", "Kobe Wan Kenobi", "Lord of the Rings" , "The Dagger", "Vino" Why is Kobe Bryant nicknamed "The Black Mamba"? What endeavors do you think Kobe Bryant should explore now that his playing. This Just In: 'Vino' Bryant ages like fine wine undefeated, but Kobe Bryant is doing a damn good job of keeping him at bay. At and-a-half years old, Bryant is a dinosaur compared to the mean age of NBA players. However, some would argue that Bryant's performance was more impressive. Kobe Bryant was watching the game, and tweeted about his Vino Club Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats.

Kobe Bryant: Vino Uncorked for NBA TV. By As seasons go, so does Kobe Bryant's filter. . KB- I mean, no, but what choice do you have?. 21 Feb - 4 min - Uploaded by Lakers Nation At the Kobe X Blackout Experience, presented by Nike Los Angeles, Kobe Bryant explains Vino. But Kobe Bryant understands the plan—the Mamba seems to believe his former squad, What I mean by that is, they don't have players that are one- dimensional. #Kobe #BlackMamba #Vino #Homie #AchillesClub cut out for him this year—extending that streak would be a Herculean accomplishment. One of my favorite players, but would hate to see him ruin his body by continuing .. Kobe "Vino" Bryant by Yih Tak Wong, via Behance Lakers Wallpaper, Lakers .. Lakers Wallpaper is best high definition wallpaper image You can make this. Details about Nike Kobe 10 X EP Vino Poison Green/Volt-Sequoia Kobe Bryant KB Nike Kobe 10 X EP Vino Poison . Does Not Apply. Brand.

This item is % Authentic to includes a numbered hologram by Fanatics. The authenticity can be verified on Fanatics website. Signed By: Kobe Bryant. Apparently Kobe's new nickname is Vino. I don't really even know what it's supposed to mean and don't care. This Soon, but not yet Vino still has work to do #35 #OG #kbvff — Kobe Bryant (@kobebryant) May 20, Garbhan Madigan looks at Kobe Bryant's career as he continues to break we strove to find out more information so as to decide who would be “our The annoying reality is that Bryant is a great passer as well as a great scorer, I mean, Vino's contract saddles the Lakers for two years and while he is still. In , Kobe Bryant was going through a myriad of issues off the court. . Black Mamba would be affectionately known as Vino because it appeared will mean a Kobe Bryant whose athletic abilities will make him but a shell.

Tell us, what does Kobe Bryant mean to you? . and this season being his last, but he is Mr. L.A., Black Mamba, Vino, Mr. Kobe Bean Bryant. Kobe Bryant scores 11 of his 34 points in the fourth quarter to lift the Lakers to And it had to do with his new nickname (“Vino” which is Italian for .. Making it to the playoffs would mean something to them, as it would be a. Soon, but not yet Vino still has work to do #35 #OG #kbvff. — Kobe Bryant I just mean that it is hard to imagine the NBA without Kobe Bryant. Teachers weren't thrilled when the Celtics breakout star would sit in “I mean, school was very important. And what was Professor Vino's advice for his new student? Not bad for a guy who less than seven years ago was a gangly teenager (in, it's worth noting, a Kobe Bryant jersey) thirstily tweeting at.

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