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How to use divisive in a sentence

Divisive Sentence Examples. Here are some websites devoted to this divisive subject. Learning about possible divisive issues before the paperwork begins to accumulate and overwhelm all parties may help parents reach an agreement more quickly. Definition of Divisive. having a feature that separates. Examples of Divisive in a sentence. The divisive proposal split the committee into two opposing sides. Here are fantastic examples of sentences and phrases with the word " divisive".

divisive in a sentence - Use "divisive" in a sentence 1. Then as now, however, it remains a divisive issue. 2. Cooper and his aides, he said, were being divisive. 61+2 sentence examples: 1. Abortion has always been a divisive issue. 2. The Vietnam war was an extremely divisive issue in the US. 3. Divisive definition is - creating disunity or dissension. How to use divisive in a sentence.

Divisive definition: Something that is divisive causes unfriendliness and argument between people. | Meaning Example sentences containing 'divisive'. divisive definition: 1. used to describe something that causes great and sometimes unfriendly disagreement within a group of people: 2. tending to cause . Definition of divisive - tending to cause disagreement or hostility between people. 'the highly divisive issue of abortion'. More example sentences. 'She said. We will examine the difference between the definitions of decisive and divisive, where these words came from and some examples of their use in sentences. Divisive definition, forming or expressing division or distribution. Examples from the Web for divisive How Do You Use The Word “Myriad” In A Sentence?.

Divisiveness definition, forming or expressing division or distribution. See more. How Do You Use The Word “Myriad” In A Sentence? The Double Meanings. Definitions of divisive. What is divisive: Creating dissension or discord.. Synonyms: decisive Use "divisive" in a sentence. "Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson. 23 May - 58 sec - Uploaded by Word in sentence OUTSKIRTS use the word in a sentence - Duration: Word in sentence No views. In a world becoming so divisive, it's great to hear advice on strengthening bonds. In it, Button lays down an insightful doozy of a sentence that pinpoints the key to . In , the NCAA started using the app during the men's.

Unlike the divisive full stop, the semicolon allows the parts to stay snuggled Don't let the meaning of your sentences – or your grammar-usage credibility – run. Native English speakers, however, often begin sentences with 'so. And so we learn that language in common use is often quite different from the dry, Interviewer: It has been said that in this era of divisive politics everyone is out to eat the. Our Real Grammar series showed how the evidence of language in use often undermines to use the word disinterested (rather than uninterested) in the sentence: .. would actively choose to perpetuate divisive disagreement such as this. Below are just a few words that you may use to describe the type of diction used by the writer. You may divisive precise emotional pretentious esoteric provincial euphemistic Syntax refers to the way words are arranged within sentences.

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