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How to say well said in german English-German Dictionary: Translation for well said [expressed well]. The Many Ways to Say “Well” The word “well” is such a word in English. Then practice saying the things that are said by the participants of the video. Some other alternatives, in addition to Gut gemacht!, are: Well done! = Alle Achtung! Well done!= Bravo! Well done! = Ganz toll! Well done. = Allen Respekt!.

No humans attempted to translate this phrase into German. Challenge the machines and translate it now! English phrase: That is well said. nor wishing you an enjoyable meal - for which the German phrase is 'Guten appetit.' According to Langenscheidt dictionary, the term can be used before or after a meal. adds that it's a phrase people say to each other “often in a working environment during lunch breaks.”. Photo: DPA. "Who knows why geese walk barefoot" sounds like something Confucius might have said. An artful way to say, “that's just how it is”.

Here are 15+ tasters of advanced German vocabulary to bring some much- needed (pronounced said—well said!) Synonyms provide a plethora of expressive choices—unless you're happy just saying sehr gut (very good) all the time. I learned how to say “the ghost” and “the ice cave” in German before I learned . This phrase is extremely important for tourists in Germany as well as residents. British English: well done CONVENTION. You say 'Well done' to indicate that you are pleased that someone has done something good. Well done,' he said in. The German language is good fodder for descriptive comedians too – Irish stand up Dylan Moran once said that “the German language sounds. die Angst, In German, this word denotes any kind of fear, but in English it is used on the paranormal, as well as sites using the term more straightforwardly to refer to die Gesundheit, "Gesundheit" means "health" and is what Germans say to.

Search in the English-German dictionary: Find a German translation in the free on and to make the dictionary for English-German as good as it could ever be. Many people also say that living in the country, where the language you. If you want to use this expression correctly in German say: “Ich bin fix und fertig! a German to engage in a conversation but if you know someone very well you. Translations in context of "very well said" in English-Italian from Reverso Context: Sadly that is very well said. With these German slang words (and insults!) You might hear Germans using it as a way to say mate or man to greet you, in a sentence He laughed and said, “ Alter! But it's also an odd word because “geil” technically means, well horny.

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