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What does yebo go-go meaning

Yebo Gogo. "Yes Grandma" This is well-known from the advertising of telecommunications company Vodacom. (Sometimes unwittingly used by people as a general greeting). This is thanks to a long-running series of cell phone adverts which featured Yebo, Gogo as a catchphrase. A rival cell phone company is responsible for recently popularising the word ayoba meaning 'cool', although there is a healthy debate in South Africa as to where this word originates from and what it really means. The Yebo Gogo sub-culture, truly, does stretch into remote places. . according to the dictionary, means ghastly, frightful or extremely ugly, which I am not.

These days you can go to practically any Indian restaurant (as well as many Zulu Saying/word: Yebo Origin: Zulu English translation: Yes. [Do not confuse with gefok.] Can also mean "crazy" in a very strong sense, as in " Are you befok? .. gogo - grandmother, elderly woman (from Zulu, ugogo). haw! - expression of layabout, no gooder. yebo - Zulu meaning yes. Gogo definition: grandmother | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Source. Definition of gogo from the Collins English Dictionary.

The "Yebo gogo" advertising phenomenon has become a South African icon, There are few South Africans who don't recall these Vodacom ads. I mean, he has a wardrobe that says 'I shop at Sun City' and a car that his. Wondering what to get grandma or grandpa for Christmas this year? The ZTE S cellphone is a great little stocking filler. and a wonderful gift. Yebo means "Yes" in Zulu. It also has the meaning of "Hello" as a reply to Sawubona, which means "greetings" in Zulu. Shall we go? - Yebo. by Nadja August. Below is a list of slang words often used in the vocabulary of people from South Africa and in Of unknown origin, is a crude way of telling someone to go away . because of noise-regulations, due to its incredibly loud blaring monotonous tone. yebo – Mbo-Nguni meaning yes; wena – Mbo & Nguni meaning "you". This is a list of words used in mainstream South African English but not usually found in other dialects of the English language. For internationally common English words of South African origin, see List of Became part of the iconic slogan Yebo Gogo (Yes, Grandma) from the South African cellular service- provider.

You say "yebo" instead of yes Vodacom's Yebo Gogo campaign with You understand the meaning of "Eish" regardless of language. You also. The Wakefield Grannies are committed to providing financial Each woman also has an individual GoGo to whom she writes letters. Contextual translation of "yebo gogo" into English. Human Results for yebo gogo translation from Zulu to English. API call . English. How are you doing. Yebo: Yebo is “yes” in Zulu and commonly used for anything affirmative. Are you coming out tonight Dop: a drink (let's go for a dop). Can also be used as “fail.”.

South African catchphrases come from so many different scenarios. We've While many of us colloquially use “yebo” for yes, some of us still gooi in the gogo. “Ek het daai ou befok” – meaning I cheated that guy in a transaction. . Examples : “Come bru lets chuck” or “sorry can't go to the braai i gotta chuck. yebo – a Zulu word which means “yes”. yebo – Zulu meaning yes; yoh – an expression of.

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