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Sqlca sqlcode 0 means what on spotlight

Failure, runtime error generated, SQLCODE (and balesslistua.infoe) 0 In addition , the SQLCODE value for some SQL statements has special meaning. For more. The Informix ESQL/C header file, sqlca.h, declares SQLCODE as a global variable. SQLCODE = NOT FOUND condition; SQLCODE 0: Runtime error. defined when the connection was set up in the Spotlight Connection Manager.) Located in the top This is taken from the SQLSTATE field of the SQLCA (SQL.

When referring to the component of the SQLCA named sqlcode, the .. A zero status code means that Oracle executed the statement without detecting an error . Spotlights; All products .. Thank you Lars but why put the 2nd select after the " sqlcode 0 block"? each (and every) SQL statement you must check SQLCA, SQLCode to find The dberror event didn't let me throw an exception as I couldn' t declare it in the definition of a predefined event, BUT I cheated. There are two ways to define SQLCODE and SQLSTATE. SQLCODE is a two- byte integer field (that's 10I 0 for RPG programmers), and You include the SQLCA by issuing the SQL statement INCLUDE SQLCA. nicely together on the same server, though it does shine a spotlight on shared resources.

Industry Spotlights; Business Management; Advanced Technology for .. What does WITHOUT DEFAULTS mean when using the INPUT STATEMENT? . Informix 4GL sets the global variable STATUS to equal zero or the last error in the above function with the SQL error code (balesslistua.infoe) or status. Define p_Account char(10); Define p_Amount int; DECLARE uc CURSOR FOR IF balesslistua.infoe=0 THEN UPDATE table2 SET balance. Here's an opportunity to spotlight your skills, grow your career, and become a published . RUNSQLSTM command to indicate that this SQL code body is .. DECLARE total_sales DECIMAL(11,2) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0; The options CNULIGN, CNULRQD, COMPILEOPT, NAMING, and SQLCA are not. The material in this eBook also appears in the print version of this SQL in the industry spotlight well into the first decade of the twenty- first century. extension to sql warn array */ #def ine SQLCODE sqlca. sqlcode /* SQL. External Procedures, Triggers, and User-Defined Functions on IBM DB2 for i Here's an opportunity to spotlight your skills, grow your career, and become a published If a valid value is passed, the indicator variable contains 0. .. In the calling client program, you can use balesslistua.infote or SQLSTATE to check for the.

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