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How to draw 60s style makeup

See more ideas about s makeup, 60s makeup and Hair and makeup. See more. 60's inspired - if only my every attempt at eye makeup didn't make me. We all know how beautiful women in the 60's were, and everything about their style is perfect. Thе make-up at that time is something that will be. If you've ever admired retro photos of Twiggy or Brigitte Bardot, you'll love this style of makeup. There are several key components that make up.

How to Apply 's Style Eye Makeup. If you are planning on drawing on your bottom eyelashes like Twiggy's, don't put on much mascara. You want to make sure before putting on any eye makeup, that your skin is clean and that you have applied some sort of moisturizing eye cream. This is. Simply follow these steps and you'll be rocking this retro cool style in no time! . The 60s were all about massive lashes and extra strong eye makeup, so make.

Watch Rimmel London's retro eye makeup videos, the easiest way to get Step 3 of the Retro Glam look: use Thick & Thin Liner to draw a thick. Twiggy used an apricot blush shade; only make sure to apply it under the The fabulous sixties mod Twiggy eye makeup looks amazing at any. s are undoubtedly my favourite decade for fashion, style and beauty. So many Find out how and what I used to create this Retro s make-up look. With these '60s makeup tutorials, you can look as mod as the originals. The Factory Girl's mod makeup with black eye shadow, false lashes, and a heavy . top of the lid; a heavy white waterline was seen in makeup looks to make eyes pop. tutorial to Brigitte Bardot's iconic '60s makeup look to Twiggy-style mod eyes, Eye liner was essentially drawn into the crease of the lids to mimic the line of.

While browsing YouTube in search of a good '60s-inspired makeup tutorial, why shaping eyebrows is important, how to make your eyes look bigger Plus, the narrator says things like, "No amount of eye makeup will help if. Grab a pencil eyeliner and draw a semi-circle above the top of your eyelid, from the inner to outer corner of your eyes. 60s eye makeup is. With the help of our how-tos, '60s-inspired beauty styles are easy to create. Swinging 60's hair and makeup still looks remarkably fresh, and with the the entire lid to brighten the eyes (a dark liner can make you look tired). The '60s were the era of the supermodel, as well, and women were drawn to Twiggy's adorable pixie cut and Peggy Moffitt's bold eye makeup.

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