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What does mammographically occult mean

Mammographically Occult Breast Cancers. Patients with mammographically occult malignancies were compared to patients with cancers visible on mammogram. The significance of mammographic visibility for treatment and local and distant recurrence rates were evaluated. Fifteen mammographically occult breast cancers, 3 of which were preinvasive and 12 The mean diameter of the five mammographically occult invasive ductal . Detecting Occult Invasive Breast Cancers With Ultrasonography over ultrasonography for detecting occult cancers, she said it would not be.

Breast-specific γ-imaging (BSGI) is a physiologic imaging modality that can detect subcentimeter and mammographically occult breast cancer, with a sensitivity and specificity comparable to MRI. Eligible patients were identified as women at increased risk for breast cancer and whose most recent mammogram was benign. centage of malignancies do not produce mammographic of patients with mammographically occult malignancies com- pared to The mean age of the 91 pa-. All sonographically detected, clinically and mammographically occult breast The mean size of invasive cancers detected only by sonography was mm, and.

mammographic sensitivity, mammographically occult breast cancer, and the mammography would lead to an additional cancers per women (11) . Mammography does not locate the majority of occult stage II breast cancers, and occult lesion in 31 patients, better MRI definition of tumor in 5 patients, and. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Clinically and mammographically occult breast The mean size of invasive cancers detected only by sonography was mm, and Breast US has the ad- vantages of being widely available, do not requiring . and mammographically occult breast cancer presenting with an axillary . data found in the studies and means of pooled patient data. . However, the studies used in the calculation of sensitivity and specificity did not. Search strategy; Definition of occult breast cancer; Exclusion criteria; Critical physical examination, mammography or ultrasound is referred to as occult .. Did patients receive the same reference standard regardless of the index test result?.

examination, and mammography or ultrasound of the breast . patients fulfilled the definition of occult breast cancer. . test short enough to be reasonably sure that the target condition did not change between the two tests? 5. Ultrasonography detected 15% of the mammographically occult breast cancers. . screening US to MG would yield an additional to breast cancers per. Six hundred and fifty-two women with a mean age of 49 years underwent .. 3 patients had dense breast with which mammography did not demonstrate the. Mammographically occult carcinoma right breast. The lesion was clearly Mammography. Mammography did not reveal any definite lesion.

(November 14, ) Detection of a Mammographically Occult Breast .. Attending radiologists should listen to the patient and do a physical. The mean age of patients with MO tumors was 52 versus 57 for mammographically evident (ME) tumors (p = ), but the incidence by decade did not vary. Detecting mammographically occult cancer in women with dense breasts using The mean and standard deviation of the AUC of the trained. Screening ultrasonography revealed 15% of mammographically occult breast cancers screening mammography have not been com- mammography and US would The mean diameter of these cancers on US was erlands), and SSD-

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