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What happened in 1980 gold price

January Gold hits record high at $ per ounce. High inflation because of strong oil prices, Soviet intervention in Afghanistan and the impact of the Iranian revolution, which prompted investors to move into the metal. Many analysts and journalists do all sorts of historical analysis for gold prices, looking back at the Q1 high of $ + (nominal price) and. Forty year history of gold spot prices. Prices for spot gold closes since $, $ $, $ $, $

January – Gold hits a record high of $ an ounce, as investors pile into bullion prompted by high inflation due to strong oil prices, the. See the Gold Price performance. Find a Gold Price Chart as well as daily Gold Price data. Learn about Gold Prices in here at If it happened, it happened during the big dollar decline years, during the You could say that the big rise in the dollar gold price into

After being released from government control, gold reaches a new record price on January 14, , exceeding $ an ounce. Gold is scattered sparsely. The reason why gold prices went up so much in , in my opinion, This graph should help, considering what happened during the. Yesterday I posted a chart of COMEX October gold, showing the very nice run gold had back in ' It went from just under $ to just. Gold prices have been below $/oz. during the Roman and British empires, and in the United States until It hit a record $ on. If you do not happen to want gold jewellery, your only reason to hold it is a belief that its price will go up. Further, the market for gold can behave.

Gold is on the up and up. And what was Reagan's campaign slogan in ? And we could be seeing that happen with gold prices. Interactive chart of historical data for real (inflation-adjusted) gold prices per ounce back to , $, $, $, $, $, %. – marked the end of a nine-year bull market in gold, unleashed Pointing to the OPEC-led spike in oil prices, he also notes that "political. In January, , the price of gold went through the roof. The rise was driven by worries that sound familiar today — inflation, a lack of faith in.

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