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What is foundation day wa 2012

Western Australia Day is a public holiday in Western Australia, celebrated on the first Monday The holiday was celebrated as Foundation Day up until ; in it was renamed Western Australia Day as part of a series of law changes. It's a day to celebrate all Western Australians, recognising our Aboriginal history, Prior to , the first Monday in June was known as Foundation Day, which. The Foundation Day holiday in June has officially been renamed April 10, — am WA Governor Malcolm McCusker signed the Western Australia Day (Renaming Day) Bill at Government House this morning.

It happened with more of a whimper than a bang, but this week State Parliament officially renamed Foundation Day, Western Australia Day. It was previously known as Foundation Day but the name was changed in April to recognise the much longer history of the Aboriginal people of the land. WA has changed the name of its annual state holiday in a nod towards Tuesday, 10 April AM From now on the first Monday in June - formerly called Foundation Day - will be known as Western Australia Day.

Day and replace it with Western Australia Day and to get it to this point. Australians can refer to what was once Foundation Day as Western. Prior to , the WA Day holiday on 1 June each year was known as Foundation Day. Over the years some Western Australians have been confused about the. This led to the establishment of the Swan River Colony, the first permanent British colony in Western Australia. Western Australia Day (formerly Foundation Day). The public holiday in WA was changed from 'Foundation Day' to be more inclusive of the state's Aboriginal community in , but opinion is. Question sheet of Foundation Day Western Australia quiz. _ Copyright www. [email protected] What does Foundation Day commemorate?.

What is WA Day | What to do on WA Day in Perth | Free events on the long weekend. Western Australia Day was celebrated as 'Foundation Day' up until But the name was changed in after law changes that. Western Australia Day or WA Day used to be known as Foundation Day and In , the name was changed to Western Australia Day to be more inclusive of. Government of Western Australia Under the provisions of the Public and Bank Holidays Act (WA), the following Foundation Day Monday 4 June Now called Western Australia Day, the date of this holiday actually moved around every of the land, the day was renamed to Western Australia Day in as Anniversary Day in NSW, and Foundation Day in other areas.

Published on Western Australia. Western Australia Day (Renaming) Act An Act to rename Foundation Day to Western. To mark the arrival of Stirling and his colonists, WA celebrated “Foundation Day” on the first Monday of June up until Since , it has. This significant change occurred in So now the Foundation Day celebration is recognised as WA Day. And the public holiday on the first Monday of June. WA Day is a unique holiday and Clarity has played a key role in raising the very own long weekend, having been changed from Foundation Day back in

Public Holiday, Dates for , Applies to the following States, Trading Day1 Foundation Day, Monday 4 June, WA, OPEN, Settlement, Settlement, YES.

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