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Epic how to create smart phrases sentences

Create your own dot-phrase: If you have created a sentence, phrase, paragraph, or note you would like to use in other areas of Epic, save it as a personal dot-phrase. Do not include any patient-specific information in your phrase text since it will apply anywhere you choose to summon it. We just rolled out Epic here. I've used it elsewhere and built a plethora of smart phrases and it saves me significant documentation time, save. How to get and share useful Epic smart phrases. Epic smart phrases are easy ways of putting in documentation that is either standard or can be filled in to make a complete document. Are short, being no longer than about words.

(dot phrases). You will now be able to add a dropdown list within dot phrases. 4 Search field – enter key words to narrow your displayed list. So hey, I figured if @RustedFox is creating a Cerner thread I've got enough templates and dot phrases that for 80+% of my charts, I will typically only type out % of the actual words in it. Faster than dictating. "You will. 1 We hope this list of smart phrases helps make creating your Epic note templates a bit easier. Just play around with the smart phrases to see what works and.

Nat's short cuts for Epic: tips, etc. for INPATIENT mostly, a few outpt pointers. Bring this with you to Partial words in problems, history, even meds and orders: “pulm em” “chr ren insu” “levaq” Set up your screens (see below on the Summary Tab) . Careful with smart phrases for the physical exam – murmurs, edema, etc. Get to know your EPIC InBasket Send an EPIC message to your preceptor . There are important smart phrases you should know – type them into your mock You need a summary sentence (can be same as at the beginning of your note) . If you do not use the electronic medical record Epic Hyperspace, this article is My approach is to be modular in creating SmartPhrases, as I'll demonstrate below. At the end of first sentence I type the (At. Step-by-step instructions on how to build an Epic Smartlist. Smart typing settings allow to switch auto-completion of quotes, parenthesis etc. If the Perl extensions are missing, they can be created by pressing the Add.

Share SmartPhrases with your colleagues by selecting Personalize > My SmartPhrases. Select the SmartPhrases you want to share and click Share. Enter any. Creating Smart-Phrase for CMP. A SmartLink for CMP does not exist. But you can easily create it and store it. Type the following dot-phrase in your note. HMC/UWMC ED Sample Dot Phrase Templates. Version June Contact UW EM Chiefs with questions ([email protected]). 9/6/ Creating content is a smart business move because it will: . tale and Jon Morrow's epic story on Problogger are great examples of superb writing. . Those phrases seem to be a little overused here in the blogosphere.

You have created a SmartPhrase, so you can summon it into your note by typing a 'dot' and the SmartPhrase name or by clicking the List My Phrases .my?). Helpful EPIC Terminology study guide by jkleeberger77 includes Epic Medication Master File. IMS Nurses use to monitor vitals, smart pumps/ PCA's. While on the ROS tab how do you create a Macro for your personal use? Click on the down Preconfigured text, can be a word, phrase, sentence or paragraphs Where can you build System SmartPhrases at any time in Epic? The only way. Epic Help Creating Your Own Smart Phrases Blogspot Com beginning with same letter sounds to create a notably emphasis on words “dark dreary dreams” .

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