When considering the removal of asbestos from your home or business premises, you should make an asbestos survey a top priority. It’s important that asbestos is found and removed as quickly as possible to limit the health risks caused by asbestos. The health risks are especially high for individuals with pre-existing conditions, such as lung cancer, and pregnant women. Asbestos use can also increase the risk of developing various forms of cancer, including pleural mesothelioma and lung cancer. The good news is that asbestos survey and removal can be performed easily, quickly and effectively.

asbestos survey

Visual inspection alone isn’t sufficient to establish the presence or lack of asbestos particles in building material. A trained and certified asbestos surveying company is needed to accurately identify and measure asbestos in your building material to determine its level of asbestos content. This information is essential in determining whether asbestos materials are needed to be removed. In fact, asbestos surveying is typically the first step in asbestos disposal. A professional asbestos survey company will perform tests on both the interior and exterior of the structure to determine the asbestos concentration and the percentage of asbestos present in the material.

Before undergoing renovation projects, it is especially important to ensure that asbestos is completely removed. In addition to costing you money, the risk of developing lung cancer is just too great. By removing asbestos, you protect yourself, your family and your community. Many states require an asbestos survey and removal are done when construction and demolition is needed to protect the public from the risk of asbestos. If asbestos surveying isn’t done, the risk of exposure to asbestos is increased because demolition and construction materials will inevitably fly off the building site and expose workers to asbestos.

In many instances when contracting a professional asbestos surveys and removal service, the owner is not even notified of the current asbestos content levels in their structure. As a result, asbestos surveys and removal often need to be performed early in the process so that the asbestos removal process can take place as scheduled without having to wait on data from an unprofessional contractor. Unfortunately, it often requires this extra due diligence in order to meet legal requirements, safety guidelines and insurance requirements of various agencies that require asbestos surveys and removal.

As mentioned above, the first step in asbestos survey and removal is a visual inspection. During this stage of the process, a trained and certified asbestos survey expert will conduct an inspection of the interior as well as exterior of your structure. Special attention will be given to any areas that may have been exposed to asbestos materials prior to demolition or construction. Special attention will also be given to the foundation, walls, lighting, insulation and roof of your home. Once all of these items are inspected, a visual inspection of the area will then be performed, concentrating on the areas of concern.

Visual inspections aren’t the only means that should be used when conducting an asbestos survey and removal. By law, there are strict regulations that must be followed when removing asbestos from any structure. First, all employees who are potentially exposed to asbestos must be cleared out of the area. Second, asbestos debris must be removed from the work site or disposed of properly. Finally, asbestos materials must be removed and properly discarded. For major renovation projects this can mean a lot of work for a lot of people, so it is important to hire a professional contractor to make sure that all regulations and protocol are met.

Once all of the necessary paperwork has been completed and the asbestos survey has been completed and the findings are in review, the next step in the process is the tedious task of demolition. When demolition is required, it is likely that asbestos materials will also be damaged during the demolition process. When asbestos is disturbed during the demolition process, there is a good chance that it will be released into the air. This is another reason why the survey is so important when dealing with large-scale projects. It ensures that asbestos survey-related debris is properly handled and disposed of. If asbestos debris is not properly disposed of it can cause a lot of problems for people and businesses that interact with it on a regular basis.

Dealing with asbestos can be a challenging and frustrating project. However, with the proper resources and training, you can easily follow the asbestos survey guidelines that are required by your local building and safety code. The second type of asbestos survey that is commonly conducted is a Management Survey. In a management survey the purpose of the survey is to find out if there are any areas in the building that may need to be cleaned, maintained, or protected. If you plan to conduct an asbestos survey as part of your overall building inspection, then make sure that you contact an asbestos survey professional who is experienced and well-trained in completing the type of survey that you plan to do.

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