Even with the oncoming world financial crisis, here in Bulgaria they are still moving into western times with the largest shopping mall in Bulgaria under the title ‘Park Cherno More’ which means ‘Black Sea Park’. This is going to be built in Varna the so called capital of the Black Sea Coast. The Park Cherno More site is to be at Vladislav Varnenchik Blvd this was formerly a diesel engine factory.

The investors are from consortiums from Germany and Austria who now have permits to go ahead with the construction. There is still some doubt as to when it will start as the Austria partners are dilly dallying whether the current global financial crisis that has hit them hard give them second thoughts about proceeding

This venture is massive for Bulgaria with 145,000 square metres of shopping area and a parking for 1800 cars. I doubt whether many Ladas will be seen parked there by the time is is built 레플리카 시계.

60% of its stores have already been leased out to retail companies, probably global based names that have a mission to cover every town and city in Bulgaria. With these contracts already in place there is now 60,000 square metres allocated as ‘live’ businesses.

Varna’s current largest shopping mall is located in the city centre. Called ‘Mall Varna’ it has an area 70,000 square meters with parking for 760 cars. The proposed site is more than double that!

This just is another example of more sterile shopping malls in Bulgaria. It is an inevitable and not the last I fear as demand is there in not only the tourist regions but from resident Bulgarians in other towns and cities who feel that the simulation with other modern western countries is the only way forward. Well maybe I’m too old to think that way along with all the other older generation of Bulgarians I now live with.

Varna has a population of 500,00 citizens maybe half of them will visit the malls. There are currently three malls, ‘The Central Plaza,’ ‘The Pfohe Mall’ and the already spoken for ‘Varna Mall.’ At the moment there are three more mall under construction. The fact of the matter is that soon there will be six large malls and one smaller one. Each of the bigger malls has to reach a target of 100,000 to make it a viable business, i.e. make a profit. How many people were there in Varna that visit malls again?

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