Lots of festivities and feast in Thailand are beyond doubt remarkable one. One of the most awaited festivities in Thailand is the Songkran Festival. Thai people, travelers and tourists are looking forward for this event especially the Songkran 2011. This celebration falls from the 13th to 15th day of April. What to expect during this event? Well, if you love water during the hottest days in Thailand you this festivity is surely right for you! It is the biggest Water Fight in Thailand wherein you’ll certainly get soaked in water the moment you put your foot outside your doorstep.

Seeing everyone handling their bucket of water and water gun, while shouting out loud “Sawadee Pi Mai” meaning Happy New Year, you’ll be amazed on how Thai people express their happiness in this special occasion. Songkran Festival is the longest holiday that is why most of the travelers sawaddee99 and vacationers set their holidays on this day to ensure that they will be a part of this once a year event. For people in Thailand, water is the main thing for cleansing purposes for them to wash away all the evil doings that they’ve done from the past. It is also one way of removing bad fortune for the years ahead.

Songkran Festival is not merely on the water throwing, though for some people especially for the vacationers it is the main highlights of the festivity. The real essence of this festivity aside from cleansing them and washing away bad luck, traditionalists take this opportunity to give respect to their ancestors, elders’ neighbors and friends. During this time they also have a monastery visit to feed the monks and offer prayers to revered Buddha.

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