It seems Twitter has exploded onto the scene and there is no going back. This form of social media or more specifically “micro-blogging” has revolutionized the world of communication. Celebrities, business’s, friends and families are all jumping on the band wagon to find out what is going on in the world and let people know what is going on in their own world! Twitter has proven to be great tool for the small business owner by driving endless traffic to a website or blog whilst boosting reputation and credibility too.

Here are 5 tips on how to gain credibility within your market place by using Twitter…

1. Design your own personalized profile and market yourself or your brand

First of all you need your photo or logo. People like to see a face to go with the name or a logo with the brand. A blank profile picture screams “I’m a spammer” and people will not want to follow you. In addition do not use a generic Twitter background, make it your own. For some people attention to detail is very important and for almost all people an injection of personality is essential. Get your own personalized Twitter background at,, or, take your pick as all offer a great service.

Get right to the point. Let people know who are and what you are about in your profile description. Share your interests, hobbies, goals, uniqueness and even business ufabet มือถือ information. People with common interests will follow you & and enter your marketing funnel. Make sure you put a link to your website or blog in the URL line.

2. Provide outstanding value

People hate being spammed or sold to. Provide real value to your followers by giving away great free content. Answer questions. Write articles. Share videos. Retweet other peoples content too that is relevant to your market place. Your followers will recognise your tweets as valuable and useful to them, and will be much more likely to keep track of your tweets in the future. They will consider you an expert within your niche who keeps up-to-date with the market trends. They will also be much more willing to listen to any offers or opportunities because you are no longer “cold” but a valued, informative and beneficial friend.

3. Grow your list

Now let’s be clear, whether you are a celebrity or complete unknown you can grow a massive Twitter list of thousands of followers, if you know how. Due to automated following tools, the size of a person’s followers list is not a fair reflection as to whether they are an authority within their niche or not. But it can give that impression.

People believe that a big amount of followers equals fame and credibility. Especially to Twitter newbie’s it can look as though a lot people know who you are, sought you out and decided to follow you. That may or may not be true, but all that matters is that it looks that way. It’s not tricking anyone; people just come to their own conclusions. Let them. Grow your list by reciprocating follows and getting an auto-follow tool like and

4. Make friends with the authorities

Find the other authorities within your niche or related niches and become Twitter friends with them. Then become real friends with them. Interacting with the other authorities means you can retweet their content, keep up-to-date with the current trends and paves the way for joint ventures etc. Also when people see you interacting with the “big boys” the perception will be that you are also part of their elite mastermind group, firmly securing your credible place within the market place.

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