When on a diet many people struggle to fight cravings and stop dieting because of that. Cravings come usually when you have just started dieting and when you are on a strict diet for over two weeks. How long to spend on a diet everyone must decide for themselves. Research shows that by allowing yourself to take a short break from a diet plan will not interfere with your results and will help you to continue dieting for extended period of time. Here are two methods to make your diet more flexible and more effective.

The first method is to have one meal of your choice every third day you are on a diet. You are allowed to eat the things that are not normally allowed like carbohydrates and fats. One condition: your meal must include proteins, veggies and carbohydrates. You can have something like sausage with mashed Sonus Complete potatoes and green beans and a slice of cake or some ice cream. You cannot have just a load of cookies or a bag of chips. It should be a proper meal. You also need to be sensible about the size of your portion. Don’t stuff yourself. This meal is an occasion that celebrates your weight loss.

The second method is to carb up once a week. The meal of your choice can include a lot of carbohydrates. By having this meal you will do a great thing for your health especially if you are on a no-carbohydrates-allowed-diet. The purpose here is to reset the hormones that your body produces in order to stop you losing weight. Your body will refill your depleted carbohydrates stores but not add the carbs as fat.

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