If you are looking for a wholesale false eyelashes supplier, one that stocks both long and short lashes, then you will be spoilt for choice. Mink lashes are a very popular item in the beauty industry and many women purchase these to give them a hint of glamour. Mink lashes have a special attraction because the hair grows very densely on the back of the lashes and this is what gives them their dark colour.

wholesale false eyelashes supplier

Mink lashes are used for many different applications including streaming, gliding, curling and blinking. A wholesale mink lash supplier can supply you with thousands of different colors of mink lashes so you can create the perfect look for any occasion. Mink custom packaging is also available and this will ensure that your mascara or false eyelash product arrives in a stylish case and will last for a very long time. A mink package usually contains a minimum of two, four and eight lashes.

Mink lashes can be purchased in a variety of different lengths. There are those that are called singles that can be purchased as short as a two-third of an inch or longer. One of the most popular types is the Mink Longer lash which has an extended base for maximum length and volume. You will find Mink singles available in an incredible assortment of colors from deep black to clear skies. Mink custom packaging will provide you with gorgeous shades of pink, blue, red, silver and brown. Some suppliers offer single Mink lashes that have a natural looking lash that extends to almost the base of the eye.

Mink packages are available in a wide range of natural looking colors including grey and brown. Mink lashes come in two different grades. The first type of false eyelash is the standard single coat Mink lash and it comes in a variety of natural colors including black, brown, honey, grey and pink. The second grade is the double coat Mink lash and comes in a wide array of natural colors including black, grey, brown, honey, pink and silver. Whichever choice you make, you can assure yourself that purchasing from a wholesale Mink supplier gives you an opportunity to purchase a large variety of single, double or triple coat Mink lashes at an affordable price.

If you desire to purchase larger amounts of Mink lashes at one time you can request Mink custom packaging. Mink custom packaging will allow you to purchase a large amount of lashes and you will only pay a small excess fee for the privilege. You can order a single coat or a package of three or four coats depending on the quantity that you require. Wholesale Mink lashes are available in both single and double coats.

Mink custom packaging will also benefit you in other ways when you purchase wholesale Mink lashes. You will save money because the lashes are so affordable. Furthermore, if you want to create a stunning eye look, you will need a large amount of lashes. Mink wholesale Mink lashes are perfect for all occasions and you can create that stunning look without breaking your budget. These lashes are very affordable and will last for a very long time. The quality of Mink eyelashes is unquestionable and they are designed to last.

In addition to fantastic service and great prices, Mink custom boxes provide added value. You will not find the same sleek design, quality and affordability that you will find with any other brand of Mink lashes. When you choose Mink lashes as your wholesale Mink lashes supplier, you are taking the guesswork out of the decision. When you buy in bulk you will be entitled to a discount. Furthermore, purchasing in bulk will allow you to purchase more of what you need for a discounted price.

There are many wholesale Mink lash suppliers available to choose from. You can find a fantastic supplier by simply using one of the online directories on the internet. Once you have chosen your supplier you can then place an order and the rest is up to the supplier. All of your Mink eyelash styles will be packaged in beautiful custom packaging to ensure that your Mink lashes will arrive in pristine condition. Once your order arrives, you will be amazed at the amazing results and you will soon become an authority in your own lash business.

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