If you have been gainfully employed in some paying position for at least 10 years you may be one of millions who frowned and gave much thought about griping to your employer regarding those pesky deductions of an item marked: social security taxes. Ouch! Little did you know that after reaching the age of 65 or older there would be a government entity called Medicare standing on a hilltop waving a white flag offering some enticing health benefits. Actually, a man or woman younger than the age of 65 can receive Medicare benefits if they have been diagnosed with a permanent condition called End-Stage Renal Disease where it is necessary to receive dialysis treatments or a kidney transplant.

Free is a nice word all of us enjoy hearing from time-to-time and that will be your reward for being a grumpy person paying those SS taxes all those years. Why? Because your Medicare benefits will come free of charge. Well, you may have to pay for some medical items not covered  Sonavel  and we’ll get to that in a moment. The gratis benefits will cover treatments like, doctor/hospital visits and procedures. Not covered are medical tests like X-rays or lab tests that may result from a doctor’s visit. Hopefully, there will still be doctor’s around in coming years that accept Medicare payments. The list is getting smaller. A Medicare Part B coverage plan is offered that can be paid out of your monthly SS check which pays for additional coverage areas that the original Medicare plan does not.

Medicare supplements and supplemental insurance plans are also available once you join the Medicare program.

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