If you have identified your cleaning company as a national business, an individual business or a local business, you will still have to do the same amount of research for your business. Your research must be done on the clients and the chemicals and the equipment you are going to use. The research should also be extended to the people you wish to hire for your company.

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Take note that not all potential employees are good for your cleaning business. However when you do a background check, you might find some job applicants who are worth hiring. All these research will let you know that there are some business practices that are not considered unethical that are being done in other cleaning companies. A background check will let you know that the job applicant is trustworthy enough to enter a clients’ home. It is not wise to accept a job applicant with a drug past dmt for sale.

These drug tests and checks regarding your background will not ensure that you are trustworthy in the eyes of your clients. For one these drug tests are on the expensive side. This is more common in small scale cleaning companies. But the truth is that these drug checks and background checks are not really required by most of these companies. As the owner of the cleaning company, you have to make sure that all your job applicants must be screened properly. If ever you find some job applicants worthy for a job in your cleaning company, you will have to make sure that the background check and drug check that you ran on them are very thorough. Be aware though that there are some cleaning companies that hire job applicants who have dubious backgrounds.

What customers think

As a customer, there are a lot of these cleaning companies that have insurances, bonded and licenses. This means that if a company has a license, they are bound to do what is stated in their license. The term bonded means that the cleaning company is funds that are classified as secured and monitored by the local government that are shelled out to clients who have made claims against the cleaning company. If a cleaning company has insurance, this simply means that all the liabilities that happen and occur within the means of the company’s duties and job will be covered by their insurance carrier. Unfortunately for the client, if the company is not insured, then he or she might be held liable for any accident or injury that happens during the work period.

With regards to all these, there are a lot of these cleaning companies that gain memberships to Better Business Bureau. But joining the BBB does not mean that the company is a reliable one. But the BBB is always a good source for checking out any if not all of these cleaning companies that you are interested in hiring. Unfortunately, if the cleaning company is just a new member or was just newly put up, then there might be nothing under its name. Being a member of this bureau makes it a little confusing for some of the customers as they think that a membership in this bureau certifies the reliability of the cleaning company. There is no truth to this assumption and only time will tell if the cleaning company is a reliable one or not.

Drug tests

When it comes to local cleaning companies, they all do background checking and run tests for drugs. The thing is even if these background checks provide results that show that the job applicant has something in his records, there are times that these job applicants still get hired. Even if they are found guilty of fraud, shoplifting, possession of illegal drugs and issuing bad checks and even using drugs.

There are some cleaning companies that outsourced their drug testing procedure and later on preferred and opted to do it themselves. The later option proved to be more cost-efficient and cost-friendly, and easier to get around with. But there are some cleaning business on the local front that hired even those who failed in their drug tests. The owners and employers decision came to fore in hiring these employees who failed their drug tests. Prescription medication and the infamous marijuana were not a part of the basis for the drug tests.

Working under the influence

All the employees working in these local cleaning business have learned that only a few, namely LSD, crack, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine and such are the only ones part of the drug tests and can decide the fate of a job applicant desire to work in these cleaning companies. The reason being why these drugs are particularly stated in drug tests is that most employers believe that it is these drugs that cause people to steal. When it comes to people under drug medication and are using marijuana, they were collectively disregarded giving them a good chance of being hired. Unfortunately, not all drugs used for medication are proven safe. There are some drug medications that can affect and impair a persons’ judgment.

There have been cases in which a medication drug user had run out of medicines to take and resorted to stealing so that he could buy more of the medication he needs. In the business of cleaning houses, there have been instances wherein clients have made complaints of employees smelling of marijuana. There have been quite a number of these instances where clients see employees of cleaning companies working under the influence of illegal drugs and marijuana. The worst part of this is that some of these employees are even allowed to drive company vehicles. This could prove to e unnerving for the clients who may have a change of heart. The reason being is that clients would definitely put themselves at risk if they let your employees work under the influence of illegal drugs. They are at risk, their property is at risk. Even those people driving alongside your employee will be at risk. You have to make them feel safe.

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