A flagstone walkway once finished will show off the unique irregular shapes and sizes of the flagstone. Flagstone has a flat surface making it the ideal product to use for walkways and patios. Having irregular size and shaped flagstone to work with proves suitable in free-form and geometric designs.

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To help keep the formality of the walkway design, try keep all straight edges to the outside or use some form of geometric edging like dimensional wall stones or maybe interlocking bricks. If the flagstone is fitted tightly and has a nice clean edge the walkway will have a beautiful yet formal appearance unique weed pipes.

Flagstone that’s spaced out more widely creates a more rustic looking walkway, but is often easier to install and gives you the option of growing plants or grass between the flagstone walkway. Thyme and moss works great in walkways because they can withstand high traffic.

Straight or Curved Walkway?

Curved walkways are far more natural looking and pleasing to the human eye, curves are often necessary when working around flowerbeds, trees and other objects. Visualizing the design of a flagstone walkway that contains curves and flares is often done using garden hose pipes. Using the garden hose to simulate the outer edge of the walkway.

A flagstone walkway that’s installed correctly is going to be nice and sturdy, whether it’s installed in cement on a concrete base, dry laid and installed in sand or crushed limestone. Installing flagstone in cement is generally the more expensive and time consuming but it will be maintenance free for years to come. A dry laid walkway often requires a small amount of maintenance pulling weeds and sweeping.

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