More and more people seem to be interested in the mini LCD screens. Maybe they want to in their car or maybe they just want it in their bag to watch if they take a break, whatever the reason these mini LCD screens seems to be getting more and more popular.

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You can pretty much expect the quality to be about the same as the LCD screen that you have at home. If you don’t have one it will be even better than you tube TV at home. And the screen is looks very good even in broad day light. Another big plus is that it does not take allot of people so it is ideal to take anywhere. In fact the LCD power consumption has drastically reduced throughout the years and even the bigger screens do not take much power. The refresh rate is fast and won’t be noticed at all.

One other big reason some people love these mini lcd screens is that they work at all altitudes, this makes them ideal for the people that fly allot in planes that does not have TV’s. LCD is not the only mini screen it has a competitor, there is also Plasma mini screens but they don’t come close to the LCD as they need more power have altitude problems. With hundred and sixty to hundred and seventy five percent viewing range this screen can easily be watched by more than one person Autel Maxisys Elite.

Mini LCD screens also come in HD meaning that you have exceptional quality; you can watch blue ray movies at their full potential anywhere. Most LCD monitors come with 2 speakers that makes this even more comfortable. But I would recommend getting headphones if you are going to use it in a plane. Big LCD’s sometimes cost a fortune but you can pick up these mini lcd screens without having to spend all your money these days. Because these screens are so small they almost seem to have better quality than the big LCD TV’s.

Because the screen is LCD and not Plasma you never ever have to worry about image burns as you might have the pause the unit for long periods of time. Responsiveness has also dramatically increased for these mini lcd screen in the recent years and is instant now. One can even pick up a LCD photo screen that looks exactly like a normal photo until it changes. This way allot of space can be saved. The most popular ratio seems to be a thousand by one.

These mini lcd screen can last sixty thousand hours and if they are over than a simple replacement can be made to fix the screen. Because of all this Mini LCD screens tend to the in thing these days I even see people on the bus that watch TV while they are on their way to work. Be sure to check all of these mini screens before making a decision as there are lots of them out there.

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