With the advancements made in medical facilities, there has been a spurt in the creation of medical billing software companies all over the world, particularly in India, China and Hong Kong. Among the names that merit instant recall are AdvancedMD Software, the creators of AdvancedMD Medical Billing Software which is fast replacing paper work in the offices of most physicians and surgeons. This software updates the rules engine constantly and has certain scrubbing features which make it popular.

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One also recalls MD Technologies, creator of Medtopia software which is known as an easy web-based software and is known for its customer support and reasonable subscription fees, payable monthly. The other notable medical billing software companies are: Nuesoft Technologies with their NueMD Medical coding software known to shorten client reimbursement cycles, provide reports on revenue trends and payment status. Clients’ accounts can also be accessed simultaneously. Antek Healthware has developed the popular DAQ billing software which also sells well.

Among the medical coding software companies that are fast gaining popularity is McKesson, developer of the Practice Partner Medical coding software. This has the flexibility to fit all medical practices, irrespective of their size and volume. The software integrates medical billing with the Practice Partner Appointment Scheduler and Patient Records EHR, to cover all financial, clinical and operational elements of a successful practice Software Development Company in Dehradun.

Healthpac Computer Systems, another leader among medical billing software companies has in its basket the HPlusPro software has been in the software development business for 29 years and is known for its features to prevent revenue leakage and has 90 billing companies as its regular clients.

Another noteworthy among medical coding software companies is Clinix Medical Information Services, developer of the Clinix software which bases itself on ASP technology and comes with a Client Manager as well.

With the recent spurt in the growth of medical billing software companies, it is difficult to list the top few given the extremely competitive market they function in. However, Health Care Software (INTERACTANT software); Kareo (Kareo software); iTech Workshop (expEDIum Medical coding software); Trigram Software (AcuBase Live software) are the other names that are not only popular but are often quoted by medical practitioners keen on installing state-of-the-art technologies in their offices.

With the growth in business volumes of medical billing software companies, the competition among them is beginning to spiral. Everyday a new product being launched is trying to outshine its competitor.

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