Vivi Winkler was born and raised in Brazil. She studied art in college in her hometown, however she soon decided that she wanted to pursue a career in exercise and sports even though she enjoyed modeling. She has always had a passion for athletics, she was a great soccer player however eventually concentrated on figure skating. After several years as an athlete she felt that she had developed the looks which are typical of a professional model and set out to discover how it could be done.

When she discovered a small advert for a fitness school in her town she just had to have a go and what a fantastic experience it was. She signed up and began to train full time and managed to gain a lot of attention from the media. After a few years she decided to take a break from figure skating and concentrate on women’s clothing, which was her previous passion. It is very hard to find the time to train and concentrate on your fitness regime so when she decided to go into the business she did so full time. Now she is immensely proud of the success that she has achieved and set out to find a similar level within the fitness industry Vivi Winkler.

The first thing that set Vivi Winkler apart from other models is her drive and passion that come from within. Although she is not blessed with a big body, she works hard and maintains her body in peak condition by working out on a regular basis. Her personal beliefs about health and fitness are also very strong and she strongly believes in keeping fit and healthy. This has led to many television appearances by celebrities such as Stacia Studley and Kate Moss amongst others as well as becoming a popular speaker at conferences and events. Not only do these engagements keep her appearing on the front of magazines and televisions across the globe, but they also help build her brand name.

Her clothing range caters for all tastes and levels of fashion. There is something for the fashion conscious woman who also wants to look great in the clothes she wears and there are also plenty of items in the women’s clothing range for those who just want to look good in general. One of the best parts of Vivi Winkler’s clothing is that it is not limited to just clothing for the female figure. It caters for those women who are larger framed as well and this is a great benefit to anyone who wants to wear clothing that makes them look proportionate.

For someone who has a large amount of body fat and is trying to get into shape this is an ideal way of achieving the look they want. Being able to choose from a variety of garments that will slim the body is important for anyone looking to lose weight and look better. There is no reason why all women have to wear racy revealing clothing that hides every part of their body. With the range of women’s clothing available on the internet, it means that there is a wide choice for anyone who wants to look their best. The clothing is designed for optimum comfort and is made from some of the best material, which can be found in the world today.

If there is one thing that Vivi Winkler has earned a great deal of praise and popularity over the years it is her clothing range. A lot of the attention has been directed towards this since she became famous but her clothing does deserve a little bit more attention too. There is a huge range of dresses from tops to bottoms to lingerie and everyone in between. This allows women the opportunity to find something they love that will suit their body type. The quality is of course top standard and most of the clothing is made from some of the finest material which should ensure it lasts a long time. There is no reason why women cannot wear the kind of clothing that they want to feel good about themselves.

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