If you live in an older home, the wiring is most likely far outdated. Wishing to install new wiring in your home is a tall order and you will need an extra pair of hands to help, but it can be done. Just remember that working with electricity calls for extreme caution. If you show respect for electricity running through your home, you have the right attitude for the job.

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Begin by insuring that you have the proper safety gear ready for the job. Eye protection and rubber soled shoes are a must. If you are determined to do the wiring yourself, at least have it checked by a certified electrician. Even a small mistake can be very costly.

If you are rewiring an entire home or a large portion of one, it is always better to shut the power off completely. Older homes were not wired the way they are now and a live wire could easily be running through a room where you thought the electric power had been shut down Wire Crimp Pull Tester.

You will need to complete the job using a number of steps. Locating all the breaker boxes should be your first step and then you must learn which wires go to that box. At all times when working with old wiring it is a good idea to carry and use a tester.

The wires that need to be changed often requires the help of an assistant. One good trick is to attach the new wire to the old wire. As you pull the old wire out, the new wire is automatically drawn into its place. Trying to fish wire through a wall to or from the breaker box is a task that is close to impossible. Otherwise you may have to remove part of the wall to install the new lines.

The next step will be connecting the new wire to the outlets and the breaker box. Always make sure you leave yourself enough wire to work with. Work with one wire at a time until they are all connected at both ends.

It cannot be stressed enough that you must check and double check all your work. Wiring is not a terribly difficult task, but you do have to know what you are doing. If the work is more than you feel you can handle do not hesitate to get professional help. Admitting your limitations is better than chancing a fire caused by faulty wiring.

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