Hence you can infer that when an ISO file is burnt to a blank disc, the same files and folders having the same properties will be got. The use of these ISO files is to distribute disc images. For an Operating System other than Windows, like Ubuntu you can download the ISO files from the internet. Then you can create a bootable operating system disc by burning it to a CD.

windows 11 | Windows 13 ISO Download 64 bit Releases date 2021 Microsoft

For this we must first know how to extract an ISO file. ISO file can be extracted from CDs and kept safe. They can be useful for us at any time. There may be some discs and files you want to back up, for example, Windows installation disc. Windows does have a feature which allows backup of files. It is the Windows Backup and restore feature. To be on the safer side, you can always have a backup personal copy of any file that is really important. It may be really of use if it so happens that you may lose the file at any time windows 11 iso.

The copy and paste method will not work here in case where you need to backup. You need to create an ISO image of the disc that is to be kept safe. This way it will copy all the data not only the files and folders but also its properties. This requires us to extract the files and this can be extracted using the software LC ISO Creator. It is a utility of very small size. It can be used for free after downloading it from the internet. It is enough to use the downloaded version and the installation of the software is not necessary to use it. This will be in the zip form so you need to extract it. The LC ISO Creator.exe will show a create ISO button when you open it by a double click. The disc for which you want to create an ISO image can be selected at this stage and when you click Create ISO on this window the image will be created and stored on the computer once you click the button save on it. The time taken to do this may depend on the size of the file. Thus an ISO file can be extracted for use in the future.

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