The bible verses about faith teach us to put our trust in God Almighty as the only way to give meaning and fulfillment to our lives. Today we have grown to trust and depend upon various things which are not worthy to be trusted while we left the true help that can sustain us through all uncertainties.

It is unfortunate that many people have equated the success of technology in our generation to the signs and wonders of God, because it appears as if by where we are today technology can achieve anything we desires to achieve, just name them; man has been able to explore the depth of the ocean, conquered almost all the known planets, monitor the earth and her nature closely through satellites, manufactured wonder working drugs, and unimaginable weapons of mass destruction bible verse for healing.

Shall we talk about several breakthroughs in different areas of life, or clear cut predictions which have been achieved through very complex technological processes?

All of these have further made man alienated from God. It brought us again to the story of Tower of Babel in Genesis 11 when men rebelled against God by building a tower contrary to the purpose of God for them, they were almost succeeding until God came and scatter their language, and the project could not continue.

Man had always trusted and depended upon himself for all his needs, and sees God as an unnecessary entity much to his detriment. We cannot ignore God and expect to make a success of our lives. Not that He delights in monitoring or teleguiding us, but He loves us too much to allow us to go on our own, knowing fully well that the devil is out there waiting to make us his victim.

The bible verses about faith remind us of our frailties and helplessness without God. It is only through our faith in God that we can achieve anything positive no matter what.

It is true that man has been able to achieve a lot on this planet and that he is unique among all other creations of God, but he has been to achieved all this through the help of God and up to the limit that God has given unto them.

Putting our trust in ourselves or in things that are man made only amount to foolishness because then we are saying that there is no God. Psalm 14: 1-2. The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.

No matter what we choose to believe about God, the truth about Him is glaring and is manifesting everywhere for whoever care to see.

The scriptures gives the authentic facts about God that He want us to know, when you read and study it, He will reveal Himself to you. The bible verses about faith will give you assurance of receiving whatever you are trusting in God for.

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