Although it’s certainly convenient, it may not be enough to do an online search if you’re looking for a Chihuahua for sale. Some pet owners are attracted by what they’ve seen on movies, TV shows, dog shows, and people who pose with their Chihuahuas, as though the animal was an accessory.

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The Chihuahuas you may see in public as well-groomed and behaved, there was a time they did not look that well and behaved that well – their owners took time to train them. You need to know what you’re getting into before you inquire about a Teacup Chihuahua for sale. Let this article walk you through this decision and what it may entail.

Are you certain its a dog you want?

Of course, dogs are wonderful creatures, lovely pets – but they need to eat (can you feed them?), they must be groomed (can you set aside time for that?), they require space (how big is your home?), and they cost much in terms of vet treatments and beddings and other stuff. Unlike cats for whom you can just leave food and water and a cat flap, dog’s don’t like to be alone munchkin cat for sale munchkin kittens and munchkin cats. That means you have to have time to for it – walk it, play with it, feed it, observe its behavior, all for about twenty years. Pet commitment is one thing, commitment to a Chihuahua is another.

Choosing the breed – factors you should consider

Dogs come in varied breeds and personalities – from the small bag sized Chihuahuas to the whooping heavy Mastiff, from the lovable Golden Retriever to the domineering Akita.

You should not be deciding based on an amusing YouTube clip you may have seen, or an article you read in a magazine. You need to get to know the dog breeds not just in this remote way. You are going to be with that dog for about 20 years, so at least consider factors that will affect how well you can take care of it – such as your personality, your home situation, your family, and your finances. These are important factors, since not every apartment will allow pets, not every child knows how to handle a delicate chihuahua, and your own personality might clash with the attention-craving small dog in your house.

Getting a pet entails some changes in your life – from your work and play schedules, to your expenditures. You might have to rework your home so you can accommodate that new companion in your life. Training a Chihuahua is no small matter – especially if you start with puppies.

Suppose you bring home an adult Chihuahua from an animal rescue organization, it’s likely you may need to deal with that particular dog’s behavioral problems – be prepared to lose some sleep training it. But if you really want a small dog that wants you attention all the time, and whose attention you want all the time, then that’s a Chihuahua.

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