There are a number of exciting Chinese New Year shows to be enjoyed over the holiday season.
These shows contain a huge number of international artists’ performances all for you entertainment and pleasure.

The Chunwan Liveblog: Watching the 2021 CMG Spring Festival Gala | What's  on Weibo

The New Tang Dynasty TV website has a lot of video clips to introduce you to the rich and diverse range of performances that you will be able to enjoy in many major cities across the United States this year as well as next year. The shows will also be broadcast via satellite TV.

What is unique and special about these incredible performances? In a single word, freedom. Unfortunately, the Chinese culture has been perverted over the last several decades by the moral decay and well documented human rights abuses of the Chinese Communist Party. New Tang Dynasty’s Global Gala will perhaps be the only Chinese production that is absolutely free of communist influence China’s silk road economic belt.

You can visit the United States State Department’s website to read the official documentation of the human rights abuses in China. They are horrendous both in scope and in the amount of time that they have been going on. Particularly disturbing are the stories about the lao gai or forced labor camps in China. These hellish dens are used to force not necessarily criminals, but rather free thinkers who have been dubbed ‘criminals’ by the communists, to create products for sale around the globe.

Ever wonder why China can compete so well economically? It is difficult to economically compete with free labor.

It is very hard for a citizen of China to escape the mass scale propaganda that the Chinese Communist Party constantly forces upon the Chinese people via radio, TV, newspaper, schools and any other source they can think of and exploit. Everyone has heard about the great firewall of China, whereby they block many pro human rights and democracy websites as well as those of free thinking groups of people. Therefore, the people of China have a very difficult time getting unaltered information from the free world.

You can bet the New Tang Dynasty TV’s website is among those sites that the communists in China block access to. For that reason alone everyone ought to support NTDTV’s efforts to show the face of an older culture that was still free of the communist influence.

Even the Chinese Americans that immigrate from mainland China are generally still under the influence of the communists in China. Three out of the four or so major Chinese newspapers in the United States are actually heavily influenced by the Chinese government. Their communist agenda and ideals are stamped onto the psyche of those who read those newspapers.

By enjoying one of New Tang Dynasty’s shows in person, you will be supporting a bold new group of Chinese Americans who are making the break away from communist ideology and embracing the ideals of freedom and justice. In short, if you believe in supporting those who seek greater freedom, then you will certainly want to support the New Tang Dynasty productions in person. Besides, the shows are truly awesome.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year this year and support the ideals of freedom, democracy and greater respect for human rights by joining NTDTV in the promotion of its Chinese Global Gala this year.

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