It is strikingly clear that all is not well in the field of legal employment and that law school graduates will face unemployment for months after graduation. Data received from NALP – The Association for Legal Career Professionals reflects a worrying state of affairs. The overall employment rate has been the lowest since 1994, and chances of finding a legal job has whittled down from around 74 percent to less than 60 percent.

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Add to this the competition for places is high and for every legal opening there are more than 70 applicants – evidence enough that many would be lawyers and attorneys have to look for jobs elsewhere or search for other viable alternatives.

Even though a legal job or an attorney job is what you have been dreaming about all your life time and what made you face the rigors of law school, it hardly serves any purpose, to sit with your degree certificate on your lap, waiting eternally for that elusive job and with the Damocles sword of a hundred thousand grand of grad-school debt hovering over you, it is better you give serious thought to the other options available.

What is heartening however is that the grads don’t have to throw their certifications out of the window and work as shop assistants or in eateries, serving customers; there exist many alternative careers where a legal background can be put to excellent use.

Did you know that, even though the attorney jobs, traditionally the jobs that legal grads aspire for are out of their purview, they can still pursue careers like paralegal course instructors, policy analyst or even a speech writer, immigration consultant or employee benefits manager?

To see what other alternatives are available to you apart from the traditional legal jobs, go to niche job posting sites, approach recruiters and talk to career advisors. You will be relived and surprised to see a whole new world of non-conventional jobs open out to you schlüsseldienst in Hannover.

What you learnt at law school did not just prepare you for legal jobs. Along with the attorney jobs you also acquired valuable skills that will come in extremely handy and make you highly marketable in careers outside the conventional practice of law.

Law graduates have great problem solving, investigative, presentation and negotiation skills. They are also great at resolving conflicts that will make them great public relation officers in the best of firms.

Emerging fields like arbitration, mediation and negotiation all seek to employ people with legal backgrounds. Moreover, hospitals, educational institutions, government agencies face human resource conflicts throughout the year and look to hire qualified professionals with strong communication and dispute resolution skills and who better than a law graduate to do that.

During law school writing briefs was one thing that all students dreaded at first but with the passage of time it becomes a part and accepted part of their routine. This is one skill that is rare amongst other job-seekers and opens up an entire new sphere of legal writing, editing, publishing and researching.

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