In my personal quest for gathering as much information as I can about my own health I’ve read tons of books and the funny thing is that most of the time the ones on the best seller lists aren’t nearly as good as the E-books you can find on the subject online. The following book I’m reviewing here is just one of those.

The book entitled Yeast Infection No More is a nice E-book for both beginners and experienced individuals dealing with Candida Yeast Infections. The book covers quite a bit in it’s full 200 pages of information. It’s possibly the largest E-book I’ve ever read. I have quite a lot of experience with Candida myself and this book was still enlightening in a lot of ways. There were times though when I read through the book and was a little overwhelmed at the amount of information that the author Linda Allen was able to accumulate, a self proclaimed Candida recovery. She covers the basics explaining what Candida is, the diet restrictions and supplement regime. The book also explains a 12 hour protocol used to bring relief within that time frame.

Knowing how hard it can be to find the RIGHT information on Candida cleansing it’s nice to see that she has compiled everything from liver flushes to parasite cleanses in here as keravita pro well, all in full detail as to how to complete them. Going from the most trivial to deep rooted infections, her methods of cleansing apply to all. Leaving nothing out she discusses the lifestyle changes an individual needs to make as well to accommodate a cleanse as well as preventing Candida from returning. There’s so much information for someone to know who wants to do a cleanse like this that the information needs to flow easily and I feel she’s done a pretty good job there as well. Overall I feel beginners to Candida cleansing may be quite surprised how much there is to it, but on the flip side she made sure to cover everything and left virtually nothing out.

Outside of this book, I would recommend people battling candida yeast infections to research Dr. Hulda Clark and Bob Beck protocols. These two developed technology that can destroy parasites and fungal infections within the body using electrical frequencies.

There’s more to candida cleansing than some probiotics and anti-fungals, a good guide that comprises everything you need to know is a good start. On top of that she even offers her services as a nutritionist online. So if you get stuck in the cleanse or have any other nutritional questions she’s there to help, and it’s all free with the book.

So overall I’m giving this book 4.5/5. A near perfect guide on how to cleanse yeast infections and candida.


-Full of information on all aspects of candida cleansing

-Information for those looking to get quick yeast infection relief, as well as long term relief.

-Free online consultations with the creator of the book handles any other questions you may have.

-The best source I’ve found so far on the topic of Yeast Infection Cleansing.

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