Stantonandgreene is a small town on the northern coast of the Cumbrian Coast. It is also known asyton and Tynedale. The area was originally a Saxon settlement. The area was known for fishing, and the fishing was so good that in the year twelve seventy-two the English Lord of the Admiralty took control of it. From this period there has been a steady growth of shops, fishing, and tourism.

This area has always been a popular tourist destination. There are many sights to see along the coastline. There are Roman ruins at Whitby, which are open to the public. The Roman influence has left its mark in the local area.

There are several large market towns around Stantonandgreene. These include the town of Cray Valley and the village of Croyde. The fishing village of Yarmouth is nearby, as well as the town of Lea Hall. All these towns are important throughout the year, but the main trade is still carried out by rail

Stantonandgreene offers a lot for anyone looking for a place to live. It is safe and has a low crime rate. The closest airport is the St Pancras International Airport, which is about twenty miles from the town center.

There are a number of places to eat in the town. The most popular are the Pennys Street Pizza Cafe and The Old Market Hall. Pennys is a wonderful place to eat. The Old Market Hall has been around since fourteen hundred and fifty. It is an antique market hall with a large variety of antiques and goods.

Stanners are very proud of their coal mining heritage. This means that there are several train stations in the area. The trains travel to various parts of the country. The main station is at Southport. From this station you can go to many places, including East Cumbria and Durham.

There is also a harbor in Stanners. It is called ‘Harrow’. It is a ninety-three mile long promenade. For a large part of the year the harbor is open for much of the year, but during April to October it is closed. It gets opened again in January.

The railway station was built to help carry grain to the area. The railway station is one of the main focal points of the town. Stanners was also the birthplace of Thomas Hardy. He was born here.

Thomas Hardy was born and raised in the Stanners Greene. When he was eleven years old, his mother passed away and left him and his brother to live on their own. While they were living on their own Thomas’ mother had painted the nursery room walls. Thomas and his brother later changed the names of the room’s paintings to’Hardy’.

When he was fifteen years old Thomas married Mary Woolfolk. He had previously been in love with Eliza Doolittle. He went on to marry her when he was thirty years old. He served in the navy. When he retired from the navy he opened an insurance business. In the year nineteen eighty-one he went to Australia and opened an office in Adelaide, South Australia.

In eighteen ninety-seven the Great Depression happened. As a result of the depression Stanners had to sell his company. He and his wife were the only ones who remained. In order to keep his business going, he went on a major expansion project to include a new road and rail service.

As a result of the massive expansion and improvements made on the railway line, the “Woolfords Bays” were built. The first “Woolfords Bay” was a beach that was completely isolated from all the rest of Stanners. It contained a swimming pool and a hotel. When the new road was built, it eliminated the need for the hotel. He also added a new hospital and a college.

Stanners Greene is located on the coast of Bass Coast. The name Stanners comes from the wool trade of Stanners and his birthplace. The original Woolfords Beach was calling Stans Bay. Today the town houses many businesses, including the Tourism Industry Association, the Stanners Caravan Hires and the Stanners Surfers Paradise club.

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