The Level 2 Heavy Duty Dog Crate

There are two types of heavy duty dog crates. First is the Level 2 crate. The Level 2 crate has tubular steel frame. Heavy 20 gauge steel wire completes the crate on all sides, bottom and top. The level 2 heavy duty dog crate is somewhat lower in cost than the strongest of the heavy duty dog crates, the Level 3 crate. The Level 2 crate should handle most situations quite well but you know your animal so the steel bite pro final decision is always up to you. Some suppliers say they are offering a “heavy duty dog cage” however it is simply a wire type dog crate made from heavier gauge wire.

The Level 3 Heavy Duty Dog Crate

The Level 3 crate is made completely of tubular steel including the frame and all sides as well as the top and bottom areas. This crate is made for the strongest, most aggressive, most difficult of dogs or other animals. While manufacturers cannot guarantee the crate will hold what you put in it, it is easy to see why a Level 3 crate works for the strongest of dogs and other animals. These crates will last for many years and will most likely be the last crate your dog will ever need.


These are larger dog crates. They can be put inside or outside the home. All heavy duty dog crates should have 4 lockable wheel mobility. They say the only thing you can count on is change so be ready by making sure your product has 4 lockable wheels on it.

Metal Pans

A removable metal pan is a must no matter what size crate you purchase. It is more important with heavy duty crates especially if you have a chewer. If you have or have ever had a chewer you know what can happen to anything, dog crates included, should the chewer manage access to items, especially plastic items. Be sure your crate comes with a floor grate as well.


Good heavy duty crates have 2 to 3 doors including accessibility from the top. Some have split doors for easy feeding and access to items inside the crate. One never knows how aggressive any particular animal may be. You will find a split-door very handy especially with hard to handle animals. The small door at the bottom of the front door area is made for safely inserting food and water for the occupants.


Today these strong crates come is a choice of colors including black, pink and blue.


You can find the tubular steel style crates available in 36″, 42″ and 48″ sizes both in Level 2 and Level 3 strength designations.

Some people get the idea that a crate, regular or heavy duty is akin to “jail.” I assume they feel this way because they have never had an overly aggressive dog, lovable as they might be, a large dog that was not crate trained as a puppy or a lawsuit resulting from a dog bite. Worse yet, they have never had a family dog put down because of a dog bite.

Remember also that dogs are “den” animals and many enjoy their own special place for rest and security. Dogs are like children. Sometimes we have to do things that are for their own good, their safety and perhaps their education to improve their quality of life and quality of life for all who come in contact with them.

Solve your big dog, aggressive dog, chronic chewing dog and other problems with a heavy duty crate. It is a kind thing you will be doing for your pet. Under certain circumstances it could actually save his or her life. Your dog will appreciate his or her new den.

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