The right time to plant blueberry bushes is early to mid spring, so now is a good time to look out for blueberry plants for sale.

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Blueberry plants have been in the news a lot lately because of their health benefits as they contain anti-oxidants. Research has shown that they can help you lose abdominal fat by affecting the way your body stores and collects fat, improve your memory, prevent cancer, improve cardiovascular health and help delay the aging process.

It’s important to bear in mind that blueberry bushes can take 3-4 years before they produce any fruit. In the first year they will produce some fruit and the second year this will increase, in the third year when the plant is fully mature it will produce maximum fruit and then continue to do so each and every year.

When the plant has fully matured in the third year you will get enough blueberries to produce around four pints of juice a day. They also can grow up to 6ft high and 5ft wide but pruning keeps them to a more compact size. With a little preparation though they can reward you with as much as 16,000 blueberries on one plant ejuice for sale.

They need a very low pH balance to grow well so a special high acid soil is needed to provide them with the right care. It maybe a good idea to grow them in containers in order to contain the high acid soil they need and to protect other plants.

When looking at blueberry bushes for sale there are different varieties suited to different climates, so you should chose accordingly. All blueberry bushes need lots of sun, constant watering and pruning as required to do well. Another tip is to grow more than one variety to allow cross pollination as this helps production.

Blueberries are often expensive so growing your own will save you lots! Another reason to look out for blueberry bushes for sale.

Blueberries are also adaptable and can be used in many recipes, pancakes, muffins and smoothies to name a few so planting your own can serve many purposes.

Prices for blueberries can vary but you can get great deals online, so it’s worth looking around. Many websites with blueberry bushes for sale will also have information on how to care for your blueberry bush and FAQ section for you to browse and find further information as well as offers as earlier stated.

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