There can no longer be any doubt that deep cuts to public education funds causes many educators to lose their teaching jobs. Of course, not all teachers fall victim to layoffs, but the remaining educators are suffering salary freezes and benefit reductions. The generally accepted wisdom about the direction of a career as a teacher indicates that the traditional classroom is disappearing as a vehicle for professional achieve and personal prosperity and is quickly being replaced by the digital classroom on the Internet. In fact, for qq online academics with earned graduate degrees, a doctorate or master degree, the best way to begin and continue earning a real living form teaching is to learn how to construct a manageable online teaching schedule.

Despite the continual negative news about budgetary stress at colleges, state universities and community colleges the reality is that post-secondary student populations are growing with each semester. This should not be a surprise since new and returning college and university students realize that their best option during this long economic crash is to gain as much knowledge as possible in order to increase their chances at a decent job when the economy eventually turns up. Of course, as more students enroll in college, the physical pressure on the traditional academic landscape increases far beyond the financial capabilities of the available budgetary funds. To put is in simple terms it is much more cost effective to offer online college courses than it is to build new physical classrooms. This means that academic administrators are turning to online college degree programs as a real solution to the need for an affordable way to meet the educational needs of post-secondary students. This ongoing transition off of the physical campus and into a digital academy represents a genuine career opportunity for struggling veteran academics, recent graduates and laid-off corporate employees with a graduate degree and the required computer skills to quickly and efficiently navigate in and out of academic websites and the software platforms the schools’ use to deliver online college courses to their enrolled students.

It is possible for an online professor, an academic with an earned graduate degree teaching for online bachelor degree programs, to survive this economic downturn while peers in physical college and university classrooms are suffering teacher payoffs and salary reductions. Granted, it will be necessary to earn a master degree or doctorate to teach at the post-secondary level of the academy, but the abundance of funding available means it possible for a high school teacher with a bachelor degree to complete the courses required for a master degree and then start applying for online instructor positions with online college degree programs.

As more downward economic pressure is applied to traditional college and university budgets, the more motivated academic administrators are to deploy online degree programs. The reason for this effort on the part of the various college and university administrations is that offering online college courses to new and returning students is simply less expensive than continuing to maintain physical classrooms. The advantage this transition of the actual academic structure offers the prospective online professor is that there will be more opportunities to teach online with each passing semester.

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