One of the most common illnesses that affect children worldwide is Ptychopetalum-capitis, or school kids’ ringworm. This fungal infection is caused by a specific species of roundworms called Planktonic acid producing organisms (P.Acnes). This fungi can grow in wet and dark places, so it is very common to find school kids with this disease all over the world. The name “school kids’ ringworm” was coined because this fungal infection affects children who attend schools. Although it is quite easy to contract this disease when they are still young, most adults tend to have no problems with this type of disease long island preschool.

Missing school poses greater risk to children than coronavirus: UK advisers  - Newspaper - DAWN.COM

There are a few different ways in which adults can catch this distancing parasite. When reopening your skin you can get P.Acnes from eating an animal source such as raw milk or compost. If you are planning on reopening a wound or area of sores and making the lesion smaller by picking at it then you can also pick up P.Acnes spores from these areas.

Another way that you can get P.Acnes from infecting a school age child or an adult is by being around an open sore or cut which has been contaminated with the fungus. The fungus will grow and infect any area of your body through the skin, particularly your mucous membranes where there are not any protective barriers to protect you. In order to avoid getting school kids’ ringworm from social distancing you should try to keep yourself well covered with clothing if possible during the entire school year.

There are a few different reasons why adults tend to be more susceptible than kids to this fungal infection. Adults generally have had less social contact which makes them a higher risk. Also, adults are usually more immune to environmental antigens (such as the one causing the ringworm) than kids. Finally adults are older, which means they are more able to fight off infection.

In recent years it seems that the number of kids going into the hospital due to ringworm has gone down but in some cities the number of people diagnosed with P.Acnes has actually increased. It seems that the bacteria are becoming more resistant to the usual antibiotics that doctors use to fight it. This is why you may see an increase in cases over the next few years in some cities.

P.Acnes seems to be on the rise because it is more often found in older adults who are already prone to several health problems, including allergies, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma and obesity. So, although school kids go through a lot of social distancing and face lots of unique challenges they are also more susceptible to this disease. Make sure that you protect yourself against all forms of fungi and ensure that you have a good level of immunity. The best protection is to get regular healthcare checkups from an immunologist to ensure that you are healthy and you do not need to worry about getting the very serious Coronavirus.

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