Digital out-of-doors signage is becoming one of the best ever rising business sectors out of the fiscal recession due to the amount of companies investing in this solution.

Six Tips for Outdoor Video Wall Usage in the Summer - NanoLumens

Gone are the days when the major channel for advertising was the newspaper, in print media is now a thing of the past with many firms looking at modern ways to advertise and sell to current as well as new clients.

Most shopping centers are fitting indoor as well as outside electronic advertising solutions and these can range from interactive outdoor kiosks to considerable video walls and even single flat screen panels in protective outdoor housings also called a LCD enclosure.

Why are protective LCD outdoor housings considered necessary?

The plane truth is that for a flexible and inexpensive marketing solution and to have a superior bang for your buck you need to try to save money whilst at the same time advertising to your patrons. The simplest form of outside electronic advertising is to have a flat panel TV and put it into some type of steel housing that can deliver a vandal and waterproof solution.

With more and more companies searching for chances where they can locate their signage solution for most eye-ball views they are now deploying them in-car parks, car dealerships, hotel parking lots, even McDonald’s are deploying out-of-doors advertising to up sell their menu whilst buyers are waiting in the drive through queue Outdoor Video Walls.

The more reasonably priced the device the faster the investment is repaid. For example one shop installed an out-of-doors LCD monitor enclosure in its car lot next to a train crossing, so every time the barriers came down they had a captive audience, the store owner recalled that their profits increased by 14% in the initial 2 months of putting the outdoor electronic marketing technology in the parking lot. Then 5 other local businesses approached the proprietor of the marketing equipment and purchased 2 minute advertising slots from the device owner who charged US$200 per slot, inside 2 months the solution had been paid in full and the owner then discovered he was sat on a possible money mine, earning an extra $10,000 per year for little if any extra work.

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