This sounds really pathetic but I actually had to get my wife back after losing her recently to some joker in her office.  You might be able to relate to this — I’m an average Joe, I don’t share my feelings, I don’t buy flowers, I don’t communicate much and I like my football and beer, especially if it’s with my buddies.

What I didn’t know was that, in the process, I was starting to lose my wife.  What was scary was her starting to drop the “D” word (divorce) at me.  Half my friends’, and apparently half the world’s, marriages end up in divorce so that was a real wake-up call for me.  Talk about a sick feeling in my stomach.  I definitely didn’t want to lose her, she’s everything to me.

So what did I have to do to get my wife back?  I really wouldn’t joker slot recommend these to everyone who’s thinking “I need to get my wife back now, but how?” but here goes —

1.  Become unpredictable to perk her interest

Disappear for 24 hours, then reappear at the doorstep with flowers and chocolate.

2.  Suggest coffee at the nearby cafe and actually share your feelings

Start talking about normal things then slyly bring in your feelings for her and the marriage.

3.  Initiate sex but focus on her pleasure

For once, don’t make it about your orgasm, concentrate on giving her pleasure.

If you find that she is completely indifferent to any of these tricks, it’s time to consider the fact that your marriage is in deep trouble.  Now is when you get help, a professional therapist if you can afford their expensive sessions.  If not, look for expert help on the internet — more affordable materials like e-courses and ebooks written by the very same professionals.  Don’t wait.  Your marriage is at stake.   

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