Facebook Video Downloader is an application for Mac OS X that simplifies the process of downloading videos from Facebook to your Mac OS X laptop. It is easy to use and can be used in conjunction with a proxy server. The application was designed by Christian Dalsgaard, a Web designer from Denmark. His intention was to create an easy way for his friends to share videos on Facebook without having to mess up their systems with a complicated YouTube player. He launched the Facebook Video Downloader application with the intention of making it easy for all Facebook users to download videos from Facebook without the need to install any software.

Using the Facebook Video Downloader is simple. To start with, the user selects the video to download. A unique URL, encoded using the BitLite digital certificate, is then given to the user by the website. A cookie is also created, which is used to remember the user’s selection of videos to download. This is used for the user’s subsequent visits to the site.

Each time a new video is added to the site, the URL for the file Facebook video download is changed. This means that the user will be prompted each time he or she wants to add a new video to their Facebook profile. Once this is done, the process is simple. The user just needs to copy the unique URL given to him or her, click on the button used for copying the file and then submit the copied file by clicking on the’Upload’ button. The video will then be played immediately and the user is taken back to the Facebook profile.

As is evident from the functionality, the Facebook Video Downloader does not require any form of third-party plug-in or software for its functioning. All that is required is that the user connects to the Internet using a high speed broadband connection. The uploading process takes only a few seconds, after which the user can view all the latest videos posted on Facebook. Since the Facebook Video Downloader is an online utility, it does not require the slowing down of the system when it is used. This makes it an ideal choice for the present day Facebook users.

When the YouTube application is used for posting video files, it also uploads the same on a daily basis but with a few restrictions. One limitation is that there is no option to play the videos in the mobile phone. This has made the Facebook Video Downloader the most preferred utility for uploading videos on the social networking site. Since uploading multiple video files can be an intensive process, this service has been especially designed to make the process easier and faster.

The Facebook Video Downloader has another major advantage over the popular video uploading service – the user is able to view the videos directly on the user’s desktop. This means that the user does not have to go to the website and access the video files. Instead, all the user needs to do is open the Facebook Video Downloader and click on the ‘Load More’ button to add the chosen videos. To save the files, all that the user needs to do is click on the ‘Save To Disk’ option and the selected videos will be transferred to the user’s desktop. The user is thus able to view the videos from any PC/laptop with an Internet connection, provided that he has an installed Flash Player.

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